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Shaping restaurant acoustics

Acoustic privacy and comfort are monopolizing the food and hospitality industry’s attention. It’s now as important as the food, décor and service. While it is important to have a certain amount of ambient noise, too much noise can lead to a negative outing experience.

In fact, excessive noise can distract customers from enjoying their food smell and taste.

According to the 2018 Zagat Dining Survey, noise topped the list of customer complaints.1

Our sculptural acoustic products are designed to fix sound issues and transform commercial spaces into well-loved experience destinations. Highly configurable and versatile, they can be easily integrated on walls or ceilings to enhance both sound and space.

In fact, many restaurant critics now bring decibel meters with them and include acoustic quality along with ambiance, service, and food quality in their restaurant reviews.1
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Play with shapes, volumes and colors as never before

With unparalleled personalization capabilities,

our 3D soundscape solutions are designed to enhance acoustic privacy and comfort in a totally unique way.

-Easy to install

-Easy to clean

-Strong and durable

-Impact resistant

-Fire resistant

Acoustics at its best

Easy-to-install, our tridimensional tiles have the distinctiveness to provide the same acoustic performance as flat panels – combining and acoustics as never before.

-Highlight and beautify commercial spaces

-Reduce noise levels

-Improve intimacy and confidentiality

-Create cozier human environments

-Increase attendance

-Increase staff attraction and retention

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