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Modern design has brought on new acoustic challenges.

While eco-responsible and energy-efficient designs are taking center stage, we don’t talk nearly enough about the consequences of those trends on acoustics. Noise pollution, in large enclosed spaces can be uncomfortable and cause negative human experiences.

In fact, bad acoustics can reduce the overall impact of great designs.

Bad retail soundscapes can lead to a 28% decrease in sales.1

We use acoustics to re-think human environments and transform them into welcoming spaces. We help enrich people’s experiences and wellness through creative soundscape solutions.

Our sculptural acoustic products are designed to highlight and beautify public spaces while soften the negative impact of ambient noise.

High level of noise can negatively affect health and recovery in hospitals.2
Need inspiration?

1 Treasure, Julian, 2009. TEDGlobal 2009


Campus Mil

Université de Montréal

Play with shapes, volumes and colors as never before

Highly configurable and versalite,

our 3D soundscape solutions can transform any ordinary spaces into signature landmark.

Acoustics at its best

Easy-to-install, our tridimensional tiles have the distinctiveness to provide the same acoustic performance as flat panels – combining and acoustics as never before.

-Highlight and beautify public spaces

-Reduce noise levels

-Increase attendance

-Reduce stress and frustration

-Increase staff attraction and retention

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