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When acoustics makes the experience.

No matter where they sit, people expect the same experience. They want to be carried by the sound of music. They want to feel the pulse of a play and enjoy the thrill of a movie. Well-loved experience destinations have one thing in common.

Amazing acoustics.

Acoustics create memorable entertainment experiences.

We use acoustics to transform ordinary space into well-loved experience destinations.

We help enrich people’s experiences through creative soundscape solutions.

Bad acoustics can ruin people’s experience to the point where they will want to go elsewhere.
Need inspiration?

Play with shapes, volumes and colors as never before

Highly configurable and versatile,

our 3D soundscape solutions are designed to empower school to make soundscape improvements easier

-Easy to install

-Easy to clean

-Strong and durable

-Impact resistant

-Fire resistant

Acoustics at its best

Easy-to-install, our tridimensional tiles have the distinctiveness to provide the same acoustic performance as flat panels – combining and acoustics as never before

-Highlight and beautify spaces

-Reduce echoes et reverberation

-Enhance sound experience

-IIncrease attendance


From preliminary design to product installation, we provide continuous support
Making acoustics integration easy
Analysis We love to talk about projects. About acoustics. So, we ask a lot of questions. We need to get an overview of your environment and a better understanding of your acoustic challenges in order to provide you with the right solution.
Development Step by step, we work with you to make your vision come to life. We can work with you directly or in co-creation with designers and architects. Our job is to inspire, guide and assist you – making the creation process simple and helpful.
Measurements Once the order is in, we sent a team to take all the necessary measurements. This step is required only for complex or large projects that require particular adjustments or complicated outlines.
4.0Installation or Installation Assistance
Installations Yes, we do all our product’s installations. That’s one of the perks of working with us! We can also collaborate with other installation teams and provide them with all the support they need to ensure the products are installed perfectly.

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