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The first step in fixing sound issues is recognizing that it exists.

Poor acoustics in educational facilities is a major issue for the well-being
of students and teachers. In fact, it can compromise speech intelligibility,
increase stress and fatigue, and reduce student’s concentration.

Improve learning conditions and academic performance through better acoustics

Studies suggest that as many as 30% of students may actually be challenged in understanding their teacher’s message. ¹

Our sculptural acoustic products are designed to fix the
overwhelming sound issues found in educational facilities.
Durable and impact resistant our products can be easily
integrated on walls or ceiling to reduce noise levels and
therefore, enhance acoustic comfort.

Poor intelligibility due to excessive reverberation and noise, result in a lack of comprehension of the material being taught. ¹
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Campus Mil

Université de Montréal

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Campus Mil

Université de Montréal

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Play with shapes, volumes and colors as never before

Highly configurable and versalite,

our 3D soundscape solutions are designed to empower school to make soundscape improvements easier

-Easy to install

-Easy to clean

-Strong and durable

-Impact resistant


Acoustics at its best

Easy-to-install, our tridimensional tiles have the distinctiveness to provide the same acoustic performance as flat panels – combining and acoustics as never before

-Increase speech intelligibility

-Reduce voice fatigue

-Increase concentration

-Improve well-being of teachers and students

-Improve tumult management

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